Our Solutions

At SH Payments we have access to multiple providers across a whole host of services that could meet the needs of your business. We carefully select and curate the correct partners for you to work with bringing you the most optimised solutions.


Liquidity Partners

At SH Payments we take the time to understand the global nature of your business in the importance of being able to trade internationally. With our panel of foreign exchange liquidity partners we can point you in the right direction whether its G10 or emerging markets we have solutions tailored to every situation.

Payments solutions

We have access to a number of EU regulated entities that we work with and will help you through their onboarding processes. We take the stress away from you in managing this process at the same time getting you up and running with your preferred solution with our panel of partners. We have access to SEPA and direct EUR clearing as well as SWIFT.

Regulatory Compliance

At SH Payments we are committed to helping SMEs optimise their working capital cycle. We work with dedicated industry experts structuring trade financing deals, factoring LC's giving you access to much needed liquidity competitively.

Multi currenccy Bank Accounts and v-IBANs

We at SH Payments through our banking partners are able to issue 'virtual' ibans and multiccy ibans issued at Tier 1 global banks in the name to the client giving visibility and control on client managing their funds internationally.

Trade Financing

Our subject matter partners are leading the way in compliance. They are shaping the financial services industry through innovative collaborations and partnerships across the EEA and RoW.


Our platform is for excellent sales persons in the FX and Payments space, allowing them to reap the benefits of becoming an entrepreneur without the hassle of ‘going alone’.


Why SH Payments?

We will take care of all administrative functions required for running a business so that you can focus on sales and generating revenue for you – the key to our model is that we want our partners to generate as much revenue for themselves in such a way that is not possible anywhere else.

At SH Payments we guarantee supportive partnership, and since we want to make things easy for you, we offer human support every step of the way.

Supportive partnership Guaranteed .
Allow your network to become your net worth.

The Benefits

We ensure that you optimise your of revenues generated as best as possible but every partner is also given the fullest set of tools to truly succeed. In addition you will become part of an elite network of partners with similar goals and mindset.