Your global banking challenge, solved

Highlights of our one-stop solution include:

  • Cross-border payments in 30 currencies and counting.
  • LT, LU, DK, GB, and DE IBANs and personalised vIBANs to expand your international footprint.
  • Multi-currency wallets.
  • Real-time or scheduled FX at competitive rates to reduce risk and cost.
  • Next or same day delivery with SEPA, SWIFT, FedWire, FPS, CHAPS, and more.


Accelerate the way you transact with the full power of international banking privileges, fully restored to your business.


Access the latest financial regulatory technology, supported by our financial partnerships, to keep you safe and compliant.


Expand your use of our services which are built on cloud technology, designed to scale-up to meet your growing needs.

Cross-border payments

We provide cross-border payments channelling via our Internet Banking platform, SWIFT or API integration. EUR payments outside the Eurozone, International payments in 30+ currencies worldwide, Fast and reliable execution through our Tier 1 banking partners.

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Foreign exchange

We offer to convert and exchange over 30 currencies and counting, and are actively expanding our currency footprint in Africa, Asia and Latin America.

Our other services

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SH Capital gives you total control over your wealth with expert consultancy to help grow its value.

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SH Digital supplies customers with simplified fiat on and off-ramp options designed to eliminate friction between fiat and crypto assets.

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SH Financial is the culmination of years of expertise at the forefront of fintech.