SH|Payments has assembled a management team with extensive core competencies in banking, non-banking, regulation and alternative financial services.

An inurgent mindset

We work with ambitious clients who want to define the future, not hide from it. Together, we set a bold ambition and achieve extraordinary results that redefine industries.

A uniquely collaborative culture

It feels different to work with us because our people are unlike any other. We bring a fresh perspective, mutual trust and infectious energy to every client relationship.

Integrated innovation

We combine advanced RegTech with traditional Tier-1 banking partnerships to power your payments, simplify your money management and unlock your business potential worldwide.

Meet the team

Justinas Basalykas

Chief Executive Officer

Aura Seselgyte

Head of Operations

Mindaugas Gaulia

Chief Compliance Officer

Justas Cerniauskas

Head of Business Development